Hi! I'm Corey, a web developer with
education in business and computer science.
I run. I code.
I think about code when I run.

This is my portfolio site.


My magnum opus was a lengthy thesis and much much Java code implementing an optimized solution for management of "best effort" network traffic using a little graph theory and a lot of maths as part of a DARPA project while I was in the Navy. My more recent work is all in web development using ReactJS and Redux on the front end with either Ruby on Rails (SQL) or Express.js/Mongo on the back. Yes, there is a decided running theme to these. Coding is best mixed with occasional cardio...and a weekend long run.

Street Canvas

Pocket Change


Best Effort Traffic Management

Run With Strangers

Speed Pacer


About Me

A high school mathlete (read: nerd) who grew up programming games on his grandpa's Commodore 64, my heart was, alas, stolen away by physics and I ended up studying mechanical engineering instead...then doing nuclear engineering in the U.S. Navy. Now I'm back to my first love - CODE, programming full time on solo projects, collaborations, and open source. What's next?

CURRENT INTERESTS: Machine learning APIs leveraging public data for public good or improved decision-making. Productivity software. Fitness tracking. Gamification of the mundane. Running.


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